About Fg|

Who are we?

Fg|: Where fun meets people with respect
Basicly, we are an ET clan. No other games yet, except making fun in general.

We started out as IoM: Inflicts of Masterchief. The clan was co-founded by United5 and laffer1 in December 2004. United5 has since left to play Halo. Currently, we have two clan leaders, laffer1 and Kamikazee. We changed our name on July 16, 2005.

Our server is located in Columbus, Ohio USA at a hosting company. It is a dedicated server that was custom setup by laffer1. He is the administrator of the server. It runs FreeBSD and uses linux emulation to run enemy territory. It is currently a pentium 4 2.4ghz with 1gb ram and 80gb sata hard drive with 100 baseT full duplex ethernet. (intel nic)


 Level 1: [color=black]F[/color][color=white]g[/color][color=black]|[/color][color=white]Your[/color][color=black]name[/color]
 Level 0: [color=white]Fg[/color][color=black]|[/color][color=white]Your name[/color]

[color=white]White[/color] = ^7
[color=black]Black[/color] = ^0

NOTE: it is preferred to start your name with white after the vertical bar | character (also called a pipe). That is NOT an I or an L. On most US keyboards, the character is found on the \ key.

Want to join Fg|?

If you would like to join Fg| clan and got ET Skillz: Join then, by clicking here In the forum there, start a topic with your name as title. Of course, post some info about you over there, like your favourite ET class, e-mail, msn (not necessary though), maybe how long you're playing ET, etc.

About the levels

This can be found at the bottom of the 'Fg| members' page. This may get moved here.

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