Level 2 Clan Leader

Level 1 (Members)

Level 0 (new recruits and beginners)



leader laffer1

  1. Skullyhead
  2. KURP73R
  3. Gunrange

leader Kamikazee

  1. Pytox
  2. Arie
  3. Sniper

Definition of Levels

Each level has some common and unique properties.
Level 0 members are new recruits who are not ready for clan wars. Any players that are new to the game or new members will be in this group. When the players have practiced with the clan and can participate equally in clan matches they will be promoted to level 1.
Level 1 membership is a full membership in Fg|. These players can take part in votes. They are expected to compete in clan wars and scrimmages often and attend practices regularly. Failure to do so will result in level 0 status or being kicked from the clan.
Finally level 2 access is reserved for clan leaders. Those individuals have full administrative powers on the website and et server. Also final decisions on heated topics or kicks of offensive members.

When possible large decisions will be voted on to provide a fair and fun experience for our members. These levels and terms can be changed at any time. Also, players found to not be participating can be kicked without advance notice if deemed necesarrily by level 2 players. Another words, level 2 players have final say on all matters.

Finally, if a player leaves Fg| by their choice or otherwise then then player can be banned from the forum and any webspace or email account will be deleted. Special arrangements can be made with webspace or email account by contacting laffer1 privately.

errata - Webspace and email accounts will no longer be given automatically simply by being a level 1 member. laffer1 makes the call on a case by case basis if a player needs webspace or requests it. ANY player or individual not a member of Fg| can ask for low cost webhosting/email hosting services. Donations are also welcome to help with server costs.

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