Enemy Territory Server Rules

The following rules apply on the Fg| et server. You are required to abide by them at all times while using the fg server.

  1. Spawn Killing is not allowed.
  2. Consistant abusive language will not be tolerated. A few slips here and there happen, but obvious abuse against a player will not be tolerated.
  3. Any player can be asked to move or be moved at any time by admins to balance teams.
  4. If teams are unbalanced, use of noob weapons is prohibited. (panzer, rifle grenade, airstrikes on spawns by the team with more players. If there are 5 or more players on each team this rule does not apply provided there is a 1 or 2 player difference.
  5. Insulting Fg| members without provocation or clan leaders under any circumstances will result in BAN
  6. Staying idle for more than 20 minutes as spec or as a player will result in a kick. The reason is to free up slots and save bandwith. Its unfair to others to stay idle for an extended period of time. If you wish to work around this policy, please contact laffer1 about paying for bandwith costs. This rule applies to Fg members other than clan leaders. (cls may need to spec or have other reasons for doing so).
  7. Advertising on the server for services or recruiting is prohibited. (Fg can recruit of course) This includes members of Fg. Only 1 ad will appear on the server and that is for the server owners other site.
  8. Reporting on someone when you walk on a mine is not allowed. If you are found to do this several times, you will be kicked. Repeated incidents will result in a ban. (anti noob rule)
  9. Team killing (TK) is not allowed. If you intentionally kill a team mate, you will be kicked.
  10. Clan leaders and high level admins should receive proper respect. Its ok to disagree with us, but don't be an ass.
  11. Going spec to see what the other team is doing or changing teams in the middle because you are losing is NOT tolerated. You will be kicked for lame actions like this. This includes members.

Most of these rules will be enforced with a warning, kick and then ban.